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Carpet shampooing
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Mattress shampooing
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Chair/sofa shampooing
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Mat Washing

Home Cleaning Services in Mangalore

About Us

With the help of specialised training and a team of qualified professionals, Cleanline FMS Private Limited, cleaning services Mangalore can remove a wide range of difficult stains from carpets, mattresses, sofas, and other items.

To carry out high-quality cleaning, we employ specialised and cutting-edge gear. And Cleanline FMS Private Limited, housekeeping services in Mangalore is fully aware of the various needs of our clients, thus we offer cleaning services that are tailored to their needs.

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Home Cleaning
House Cleaning is essential for your environment, and it makes the house look and smell better
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Acid Wash
Acid wash, all rust, mill scale, and dust materials should have been removed from the system.
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Sanitizing removes dirt and small amounts of germs. Some items and surfaces are cleaned to remove dirt then sanitized
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Floor Polishing
Cleaning and scrubbing the floor focusing on dirt removal from pores, stain removal and restoring shine.
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Pest Control
We can eliminate any pest problem for Healthcare, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing & Packaging, Travel and Storage & Warehousing
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Outsourcing your building’s cleaning will improve the cleanliness of your facility

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Cleanline FMS Private Limited has a team of professionals and qualified experts who undergo in-depth training to use all kinds of equipment to clean various kinds of stubborn stains from your carpets, mattresses, sofas, chairs etc.

    Our Services

      Carpet Shampooing
      Given that they are warm, colourful, comfortable underfoot, and pleasing to the eye, carpets are a wonderful addition to any home. If you've invested...
      Mattress Shampooing
           Mattress cleaning by scrubbing it with bed stain remover is known as mattress shampooing. We use a shampoo that is specially developed to get...
    • Chair sofa Shampooing
      Chair and Sofa Shampooing
      It goes without saying that you should frequently clean your home's soft furnishings. Your sofa or chair is a priority in this regard because...
      Deep Cleaning
      A comprehensive cleaning may be beneficial for even the cleanest homes. Deep cleaning is a comprehensive cleaning method used to get rid of bacteria,...
      Pest Control
      One of the most bothersome creatures that invade our houses and do catastrophic damage necessitates expensive and frustrating repairs are termites. Anything made of...
      Garden work
      When it comes to your home, appearances are important, and maintaining a flower bed is a proven method to keep your property looking lovely....
      It is crucial to keep our homes and workplaces secure and free from any potential causes of danger during peak pandemic times like ours...
      Mat Cleaning
      Your home's door mat can draw a lot of bacteria, dust mites, and other pests. Even a mat that is routinely vacuumed might not...
      Floor Polishing
      Hard flooring can get stained, filthy, and dirty over time. Even though you frequently sweep, vacuum, and mop hard flooring, if it is not...

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    Best Deep Cleaning Services In Mangalore

    Excellent deep cleaning services Mangalore and unrivalled customer support have been provided by Cleanline FMS Private Limited . We remain the top choice for deep cleaning services for a number of reasons, including our dedication to quality and our team of skilled and courteous cleaners.

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