Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning

A comprehensive cleaning may be beneficial for even the cleanest homes. Deep cleaning is a comprehensive cleaning method used to get rid of bacteria, germs, and apparent dirt. The approach places a focus on easily accessible areas and frequently touched surfaces, but it should also encompass cleaning infrequently utilised spaces like a bookcase.

There are typically two processes involved in house deep cleaning services. Cleaning personnel should first physically clean the surfaces. Then, to get rid of bacteria, they'll apply disinfection chemicals. Cleaning the house first is necessary since organic matter and filth can reduce the efficacy of disinfectants.

Deep cleaning requires thoroughly sanitising all surfaces, even in small places. Every surface a stool can reach in your house will be hand-cleaned. Along with being comprehensive, it promotes livability and overall cleaning.

What tools are required to thoroughly clean your house?

Deep cleaning of homes requires a number of cleaning supplies and tools. Among the supplies required for cleaning a house are:

Take some baking soda and put it in a shaker (for dusting delicate items)

  • Soap (liquid or powdered) (liquid or powdered)
  • clear vinegar
  • a lint brush, gloves (for lampshades and upholstery)
  • microfiber cloths (both multipurpose and glass-only)
  • Microfiber mop with a cover for a variety of surfaces
  • wipers for sponges
  • universal cleaner
  • Nylon-based scrub pad
  • denatured alcohol
  • Brush with thin fibres (for shower door tracks, drains, etc.)
  • window cleaner without smudges
  • squeegee, microfiber, ceiling fan, and comb attachments,
  • conditioner/cleaner for wood

A deep cleaning checklist


As part of routine deep cleaning services, all surfaces are washed and dusted. The shower, sink, mirror, and toilet are all deep cleaned.

Services for deep cleaning are more comprehensive. They consist of:

  • grout cleaner
  • cleaning trash cans
  • removing soap scum and limescale from fixtures
  • thoroughly cleaning the door frames and baseboards
  • cleaning the interior of vanities and medicine cabinets
  • cleaning the handles
  • Purge the commode's base.
  • Cleaning of the shower curtain, door, and crevices
  • Your bathroom is sanitised and sparkling. Because of the staph bacteria, athlete's foot, gastrointestinal viruses, and food-borne viruses that are among toilet germs.

Living room

Your cleaner cleans the common spaces on a regular basis. Deep cleaning services include organising, cleaning, and wiping down surfaces.

It could contain:

  • cleaning the furniture's base
  • cleaning lights and ceiling fans
  • Cleaning of rugs and upholstery
  • window treatment
  • Dusting each embellishment separately
  • cleaning the trash cans and other areas
  • the care of lamp shades
  • Cleaning the window, door, and baseboard frames
  • Vent cover cleaning
  • window sills and tracks must be cleaned
  • wall washing
  • vacuuming along gaps and the edges of walls
  • polishing furniture

After cleaning your available areas, you may easily maintain your common areas with weekly cleaning. Those places don't get as dirty as quickly, in contrast to the kitchen and bathroom.


Another chaotic area is the kitchen. Appliances and cabinets may get stained by food and grease splatters.

Most likely, washing down all exposed surfaces and mopping the floor are part of your weekly cleaning regimen.

Services for deep cleaning could include the following:

  • upkeep of equipment
  • appliance interior cleaning (oven, fridge, microwave)
  • cleaning the filter and stove hood
  • cabinets need cleaning
  • removing grout from countertops or backsplashes
  • refrigerator coil cleaning
  • sanitising and cleaning small kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning out drawers and cabinets
  • Cleaning the knobs and switches

All grease and food remnants are removed by deep cleaning procedures. When they build up, it might be difficult to get rid of those things, therefore hiring a cleaning service makes it easier.


Wash the duvet covers, bed skirts, and shams. Take items that are too large for your machines to handle to the dry cleaners or local laundromat. Bear in mind the pillows!

Flip your mattress over. To prevent grooves from forming from sleeping in the same position for an extended length of time, you can also rotate your pillow top. To revitalise the mattress, vacuum it.

Headboards, ceiling fans, and window curtains were neglected by dust. Additionally, vacuum or wash the drapes.

Under drawers and mattresses, vacuum or clean. Concentrate on baseboards and corners.


Sort the items you have and discard everything you don't need.

Make sure to switch out seasonal goods. Winter coats and thick sweaters can be put away until the following winter on a shelf or in the back of your closet.

Vacuum and dust the floor. Dust that has accumulated behind your shoe rack should be vacuumed. For web and dust, look in the corners of the ceiling.

Clean the drawers and shelves. Clear the area and remove any things. To keep the room tidy, replace items in a more ordered way.

When should a deep cleaning be planned?

There isn't always a need for deep cleaning. Typically, it is a one-time service performed for a particular objective. Situations when hiring a professional cleaner is recommended include:

  • Consider scheduling a thorough cleaning before moving. It gives you a fresh start in your new home, free of the scum and dirt left behind by previous tenants.
  • When you leave your home, you can still complete it there. The new owners are starting over.
  • Some people begin with a deep clean when hiring a service. You begin with a spotless home. The level of cleanliness established during the deep cleaning may then be maintained by the professional cleaning services.
  • You can plan a thorough cleaning before a big event or gathering. Grease or filth on your baseboards or appliances won't be seen by anyone.
  • While cleaning your home in the spring, this service is extremely helpful. It makes your home feel extra-clean while decluttering and simplifying it.

These are the usual recommendations for extensive cleaning. Make a checklist before hiring a cleaning service to fully clean your home, and double-check everything with the provider. Include them in their regular deep house cleaning services and mark them as covered. It makes sure you have the level of care and cleaning you desire at the agreed upon cost.

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