Mat Cleaning

Mats perform an important function of preventing dirt from getting inside the space (residential, commercial, office, public) thus providing a safe surface. Mats which are placed either inside or outside near the entrance is used by the people to scrub off the dirt that gets accumulated in between the soles of the shoes. Mats such as Coir Mat, Microfiber entrance door mats, rubber mats, anti-slip backing entrance mats, car mats, cleanroom mats, rubber grass mats, bath mats are used to remove the dirt. There are other kinds of mats that are placed on certain surfaces in order to ensure proper rip for people or items that are placed on it like a yoga mat, gymnastics mat or mats placed on wrestling floors. Good quality mats are capable of trapping dirt, allergens, grease and also toxins.

When doormats perform such vital functions it is important that the mats need to be cleaned regularly. Cleanline FMS Pvt. Limited which is in forefront of providing cleaning services offers to clean the doormats too. Wen professional cleaners are ired in addition to cleanin tey also ensure tat te mats are perfectly dried too.

The different services offered by us are as follows.

  • Dry Vacuuming
  • Wet Vacuuming
  • Spot clean as part of routine maintenance
  • Deep Cleaning

Cleanline FMS Pvt. Ltd as well trained and subject matter experts to undertake cleaning services. During the cleaning process utmost care is taken to ensure that there will be no damage to the property. With all these salient features Cleanline FMS Pvt. Ltd stands as te best cleaning service company from the rest. Avail our services and we assure that we will offer excellent services.