It is crucial to keep our homes and workplaces secure and free from any potential causes of danger during peak pandemic times like ours while juggling employment. Additionally, cleaning and sanitizing take a lot of time, so we doubt you could complete them on your own while rushing to cross things off your to-do list. We at  Cleanline FMS Private Limited, sanitization services are three times as skilled at our jobs and don't require as much continual supervision as our employed workers. Therefore, you've come to the proper place if you're looking for expert sterilzation and disinfection services in Mangalore. Leave the rest to us from now on while you finish what is most essential to you. On your way, don't forget to cross “Santization" off your list!

To stop the transmission of bacteria and viruses, it's essential to keep your home and workplace clean. We have developed a specialized Sanitization and Pest Control Service as a result. Only the best antiviral, bactericidal, non-toxic detergents and bleach are used in  Cleanline FMS Private Limited home sanitization services. You can ask for the service separately or as an addition to any of our other pest control services.

Every firm places the highest focus on fostering a healthy environment for both employees and customers. Viruses have a rapid propagation and can have a significant impact on corporate operations. With our experience, we can assist in developing fast-response contingency plans when office sanitization is necessary.

Our committed  Cleanline FMS Private Limited specialized teams have a wealth of knowledge in eliminating pests from all kinds of commercial premises and disinfecting them. The service leaves a pleasant floral aroma in the air and is entirely safe for the general public and environment.

Why Hire for Santization services in Mangalore?

We at Mangalore's  Cleanline FMS Private Limited Home Sanitizing Solution are dedicated to providing pleasure.

  • Deep and thorough cleaning services:

We provide a wide range of deep sanitization services, including, among others, cleaning of the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the furnishings. With the use of our equipment, difficult-to-reach places can be entered, such as wall corners and crevices that gather dirt on the floor. Your home will look fresh and clean after we take care of the stain removal, upholstery shampooing, sanitizing, and deep vacuuming for you.

  • Best appliances and gadgets:

Cleanline FMS Private Limited makes sure to only utilize top-notch sanitization tools that can efficiently get rid of germs, viruses, dust mites, and allergies that lurk in your home's hidden crevices. We make use of eco-friendly items that lessen our carbon footprint. Our personnel are competent in using our tools to thoroughly clean these difficult-to-reach locations. Please let us know in advance if you have any product allergies so that we can be ready if necessary.

Wide effective home Sanitizing solution

We provide the top sanitization services. We offer the most thorough cleaning services available, going above and beyond the standard run-of-the-mill offerings. We make sure to clean all vertical and horizontal surfaces throughout our deep cleaning services for homes, including interior windows, interior blinds, exteriors, cabinets/drawers, light fixtures, and doors.

We also give the tabletops and floors a good cleaning.

So that you won't have to worry about redesigning your home, we make sure to leave the house in the same configuration as when we arrived, just cleaner and more orderly.

Process for sanitizing company

The best sanitization services are offered by  Cleanline FMS Private Limited Services. High Touch Areas, such as Countertops, Stair Rails, Door Handles and Knobs, Light Switches, Bookstands, and More; Low Touch Areas, such as Carpets, Upholstery, Rugs, and Floors- Wood or Tiles—are all efficiently cleaned by our company. First and foremost, your safety is our top priority. We also make sure that both our clients and professionals are safe and healthy, thus we adhere strictly to safety regulations and hygienic practices including hand washing before and after cleaning. Additionally, we provide our employees with safety gear like gloves, masks, and glasses.


It is crucial to understand that we have decided to use only products that are Certified to Sanitizer, indicating that they are 100 percent safe to be used everywhere, including the office or residence.

99.999% of germs are eliminated as soon as they come into touch with a surface.

Trust the sanitation experts when sanitizing your home.

Using our patented Hot Carbonating Extraction technique, hospital-grade sanitizers,  Cleanline FMS Private Limited a sanitizing solution  has been making our customers' homes cleaner, healthier, and safer for many years. We are dedicated to keeping your house and family safe and healthy, from the carpets and furniture to the wood, stone, and tile floors and granite countertops. It is more crucial than ever to have a clean and safe house in these trying times and health-conscious times.

We take great pride in providing our comprehensive sanitizing service to all of the surfaces we clean. To the high-contact and low-contact areas of your house, our expertly trained personnel will administer our hospital-grade sanitizer in accordance with our stringent guidelines.

We provide cutting-edge decontamination and infection control technology for homes and apartments. We treat your home to make it resistant to various bacterial and viral strains as well as other forms of contaminants. We create a shield for you that provides ongoing security in an affordable and provable manner.

Cleaning and disinfection for companies and businesses

Cleanline FMS Private Limited will assist in protecting workplaces and employees from dangerous pathogens and germs. More powerful than ever are viruses and bacteria. They spread more quickly, further, and with greater resistance to medications and conventional disinfection methods. With each passing day, most of what once helped to tackle these harmful germs becomes less effective.

Due to the enormous size of many buildings and the scarcity of cleaning supplies, the amount of dangerous contamination in our workplace has increased alarmingly. Building workers are under increasing strain to combat these sophisticated threats with little resources, from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) to the rapid increase of Community Acquired Infections (CAI's).

We provide technologies for preventing infection and disinfection. The treatments in your building aim for and eradicate the microbes that cause SBS. We create a shield for you that provides ongoing security for both you and your staff, and we do it in a way that is both verifiable and reasonable.

We offer house cleaning and sanitizing services. Cleanline FMS Private Limited also provides deep cleaning and disinfection services to keep you and your home free of germs, viruses, and disease-causing microorganisms. The sanitization is guaranteed to get rid of dangerous viruses at the time of service. The chemicals are also subjected to various regulatory inspections, and these services are accredited.

All of our domestic cleaning services use materials that are safer for your family, including any children and pets, and your property. These environmentally friendly cleaning methods ensure that our personnel can deliver a top-notch clean while preventing harmful cleaning agents from entering your property.

You must employ the top-rated and most recognised sanitization services out there. Additionally, thorough cleaning, deodorization, organic cleaning, and housekeeping services are provided by Cleanline FMS Private Limited service providers.

Our Services

  • Customized sanitization methods.
  • Use of disinfectants that are very effective and will not pose any health hazard.
  • Sanitization of entire space.

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